I dreamed we were walking

Yet our feet never touched the earth

Our hands clasped in kinship

The world around us a blur

The sea rolled beside us

Yet we blended with the waves

Tendrils of eternity connected us

To our watery graves

I dreamed we were walking

Our route seemingly aimless

Yet we flowed with a purpose

That still remains nameless

Our steps were in sync

Yet we each kept our own beat

Power and strength bound our hands

Creating a sweet heat

I dreamed we were walking

In eternal grace

Neither fast nor slow

But at our own unique pace

I dreamed and I dreamed until I opened my eyes

You were there

The man in my dreams

I was not even surprised

In the predawn light I touched your skin

I felt calmness and love

You were truly my kin

When our eyes met my spirit sighed

I envisioned our future as that graceful walk

I felt that our paths were tied

Even when I rose from the bed my feet did not hit the floor

I floated.

And wondered.

If they would anymore.

But the hours passed and we over-talked  love

We struggled and flailed instead of rising above

I longed to lift us out of our self –doom

But alas, our confusion filled the room.

So I left your nest although I longed to stay

I feared the magic would break once we faced the day

Many miles apart we were flung though my spirit still feels

The connection of YOU.

That can never be undone.

I hope and I hope  you embrace the light

The inner light of Gloucester my love

And mayhap remember the love of a girl… on a magical night…

And hold me again…next time without fright ❤

MW 7/2/2012

Photograph by May Water