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I met a man who held my hand.

A bird passed overheard as we walked.

He expected to be shit upon so he lowered his head.

Meanwhile I was imagining what the world looked like through the bird’s eyes

I tried to get him to look up

But he was more comfortable looking sideways.

And then that man he kissed my lips.

It was our first kiss.

He told me after that he worried it wasn’t good enough.

Meanwhile I was savoring the lush wetness of his lips, and how much I wanted the kiss to last forever.

So I tried to get him to believe what I said

But I noticed he kept his lips pinched tightly.

And then that man he held me tight.

He apologized for being so sweaty.

Meanwhile I was thinking I felt that I had melted into him.

So I tried to convince him I belonged in his arms

But I noticed he crossed his arms over his chest tightly.

And then that man made love to me.

It was heaven.

Thankfully he didn’t apologize or complain afterwards. He simply said nothing.

Meanwhile I longed to do it again and again.

So I reached out,

But he was definitely closed for business.

And then that man he pulled away.

Then that man said things about himself that hurt my heart.

Meanwhile I was thinking what a beautiful spirit he was. How I saw his inner glow and oh how I loved that glow.

So I tried to get him to look inside himself

So he did. But that place inside did not include me. That he lived in a parallel world.

And then that man he let me go.

He wasn’t ready to blend our universes

My heart ached and my spirit waned

But in all honesty…I thank him

Because unless both partners are willing to see through the others eyes

You walk in sadness in Parallel Universes.

ImageMW 7/3/12

Photograph by May Water



I dreamed we were walking

Yet our feet never touched the earth

Our hands clasped in kinship

The world around us a blur

The sea rolled beside us

Yet we blended with the waves

Tendrils of eternity connected us

To our watery graves

I dreamed we were walking

Our route seemingly aimless

Yet we flowed with a purpose

That still remains nameless

Our steps were in sync

Yet we each kept our own beat

Power and strength bound our hands

Creating a sweet heat

I dreamed we were walking

In eternal grace

Neither fast nor slow

But at our own unique pace

I dreamed and I dreamed until I opened my eyes

You were there

The man in my dreams

I was not even surprised

In the predawn light I touched your skin

I felt calmness and love

You were truly my kin

When our eyes met my spirit sighed

I envisioned our future as that graceful walk

I felt that our paths were tied

Even when I rose from the bed my feet did not hit the floor

I floated.

And wondered.

If they would anymore.

But the hours passed and we over-talked  love

We struggled and flailed instead of rising above

I longed to lift us out of our self –doom

But alas, our confusion filled the room.

So I left your nest although I longed to stay

I feared the magic would break once we faced the day

Many miles apart we were flung though my spirit still feels

The connection of YOU.

That can never be undone.

I hope and I hope  you embrace the light

The inner light of Gloucester my love

And mayhap remember the love of a girl… on a magical night…

And hold me again…next time without fright ❤

MW 7/2/2012

Photograph by May Water